A long, windy day in Schuchinsk

It was a long day for the ski jumpers in Schuchinsk. For the first time ever, the world’s best ski jumpers are meeting on one of the most spectacular facilities in northern Kazakhstan.

The training on the HS 99 normal hill in the morning could be held without any problems, but in the afternoon the wind was then too strong for the scheduled training and the prologue on the HS 140 large hill.

Even after various postponements, the conditions didn’t improve, the side wind remained too strong for the first training rounds of a FIS Grand Prix on this hill.

Now everybody in Schuchinsk is hoping that the conditions will be better on Saturday and the training (1 round) at 11:30 am CET (3:30 LOC) and the competition at 1 pm CET (5 pm LOC) could be held as planned.

A competition on the normal hill in Schuchinsk will follow on Sunday.

Results training normal hill 


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