Andy Murray vs Stefanos Tsitsipas’ US Open feud prompts call for rule change

Stephens noted that it would be tricky to determine a time limit as she acknowledged some bathroom breaks and clothes-changes took a longer period of time, but thought five minutes was enough for a player to have a lengthy change of clothing during a sweaty match.

“I think there was a rule a couple years ago where girls could only – it was like a three minute rule or something in the bathroom,” she recalled.

“But again if you ever change out of a wet sports bra, which I don’t think you have, you wouldn’t know how difficult that is.

“But that is like, maybe a five minute? But when you get into like six, seven, eight, nine minutes, like ok what are you doing in there? Like, do you need help? I can come help you. Like, what’s happening?

“So I think that’s more of where of the issues are because it just becomes pure gamesmanship.”


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