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‘Desire to connect’: Kate Middleton’s body language with Zara shows ‘genuine delight’

The Duchess also often attends events on behalf of the Queen.

The differences set both Kate and Zara apart but one expert has commented on how their body language when together suggests “genuine delight” and a “desire to connect”.

Body language expert Judi James explained: “With her lifelong passion for horses and her more spontaneous and openly fun-loving approach to life, Zara might not be an instant choice of close friend for the more cautiously elegant Kate but Zara’s body language always defines her a strong influencer, meaning her very tactile and upbeat approach tends to inspire other royals she’s with to drop their guard and their more regal behaviours in public and mirror her.”

The duo have been seen together in recent years at events like Royal Ascot, an important occasion for the Royal Family.

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They have also been spotted chatting and laughing at royal weddings too.

Analysing photographs, Judi said: “Kate’s responses here to her husband’s cousin suggests genuine delight in her company and a strong willingness to drop that guard a little and have some fun, even when she is dressed in her most immaculate outfits. 

“Turning to speak to Zara we can see an instant and very natural, congruent smile of genuine pleasure. 

“Her cheeks round and rise and dimples form beside her teeth-baring grin, while her intense eye contact and her crinkled eye-smile signals genuine interest.”

The expert added that this shows a “desire to connect”.

Analysing a picture of Zara and Kate from their visit to Ascot in 2019, Judi explained that they perform “intense eye contact”.

She said: “Kate’s roaring, open-mouthed laugh as the two women chat is an unusual moment of spontaneous-looking fun from the future queen at a formal event and the way her mouth is wide open and her nose wrinkled suggests again, along with the intense eye contact, that she is showing a shared sense of humour and fun that might be ongoing.

“There’s also a hint of a slightly more protective side to the relationship, too.”

Judi also analysed a photo of the women from the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation back in 2013.

At the time, Kate was pregnant with Prince George.

The expert said: “In the pose where Kate is pregnant she stands looking slightly less assured and quieter during the chat, while Zara seems to be taking over, showing higher intrinsic levels of social confidence and perhaps using them to help Kate out with the networking.

 “Kate is a non-royal who married into royalty at the highest level, taking on all the pressures and attention as she did so, while Zara was born into those highest levels but dropped into a blissfully happy non-royal life instead.

“Despite the contrasting switch there still seems to be levels of empathy between them though, as well as a capacity for fun that Zara seems to spark in Kate.”


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