Elvis Presley: Priscilla shares The King’s affectionate nicknames for her and Lisa Marie

Elvis Presley was married to Priscilla Presley from 1967-1973 and they had one child together, Lisa Marie. Every now and then his former wife shares some tidbits from The King’s personal life that were little known to fans. And just a few years ago she revealed the affectionate nicknames he had for his wife and daughter.

Priscilla was asked on her official Facebook: “Did Elvis ever call you and Lisa Marie by other names? Nicknames?”

To which The King’s former wife revealed: “He would call me ‘Little One’ and her ‘Yittle’.

While in another Q&A Priscilla shared how the couple came up with Lisa Marie’s name while in bed upstairs at Graceland.

She shared: “I bought a book of baby names for Elvis and I to choose from.”

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Priscilla continued: “Baz came to my home a couple of times. He said he’d send me the script once he was back in Australia, still working on it. I have not received it, which makes me a little nervous.

“Actually a lot nervous because Baz can be…y’know he kind of goes off-beat a bit. So I don’t know what he’s planning on doing.”

The 76-year-old admitted the film director has made some great movies, but she’s in the dark as to what his angle on Elvis will be.

She said: “I just don’t know what direction he’s going to take it in. Y’know he has his own ideas. He has talked to people. So it all depends on who he’s talked to really.”


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