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How to Dress for an Impossible Work Year: 4 Women on Their Fall Fashion Strategies

JUST AS MANY Americans took their first fully vaccinated exhales, the Covid-19 Delta variant reared its head, plunging our collective psyche into a state of confusion and anxiety again. Workplaces are pushing back their reopening dates like flaky lunch companions who never meant you to take their invitations seriously in the first place. Perpetually in flux is the new normal. And the hybrid state of working from home and popping by the office, referred to by managers as “flex,” is, for many, the new full-time.

Uncertainty aside, countless women are weary of toiling all day in sweatshirts and leggings. And whether they’re heading back to the office, sticking with remote Zoom meetings or balancing some mishmash of the two, a lot have a renewed desire to get dressed for work. But professional attire looks different than it did in February of 2019. Old norms have been shattered, which means that back-to-work shopping is less of a refresh than a reclamation, with women gravitating toward clothes that combine fashion cred with comfort and practicality.


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