Northern Ireland

‘I turned my barn into my own private pub’

A man from Northern Ireland has converted his disused farm shed into his very own Irish “pub”.

Enda Devlin told BBC News NI: “When I told my wife I was going to take the barn door down and build a bar, I think there was nearly a heart attack.

“But it didn’t happen and now we have the ultimate Irish pub on our own door step.”

The County Tyrone man is a master specialist decorator by trade and he began the personal project during lockdown.

He said: “It took seven months of working every evening but what we’ve ended up doing is creating a fact that this pub has always been here, even though it hasn’t.

“It’s not open to the public, it’s certainly not for selling alcohol – it’s for friends and family.”

He added: “All I want that bar to do now is let it grow cobwebs, and the more it does that the more it will become an authentic old Irish pub.”

Video journalist: Niall McCracken


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