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Martha’s Vineyard in the Fall: An Insider’s Guide

WELL LOVED AS A summer colony for its inviting small towns and miles of tidal shoreline, this triangular island off the coast of Cape Cod also calls to visitors in the fall. The focus shifts from celebrity parties and Grace Church lobster rolls to the natural beauty of its well-tended farms, lush woodlands, ponds and beaches. Year-rounders insist the ocean is warmer, and events like the Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby and Oysterfest engage locals and outsiders alike; farm tours, film festivals and gallery hopping proceed at a leisurely pace. Lately, island history is getting renewed attention, from the refurbishing of Alley’s General Store, the area’s oldest retail business (1858) to interest in the Wampanoag people, the island’s original inhabitants, who called the Vineyard “Noepe” or “land amid waters.” Here, locals share secret beaches, favorite outdoor events, and fishing charters that come with satisfyingly tall tales.

The Purveyors: April and Michael Levandowski

Owners of LeRoux at Home, Vineyard Haven


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