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Elizabeth Taylor’s most lavish jewellery from the Krupp diamond to Bulgari emerald suite

The Cartier ruby suite

This was given to Elizabeth by Mike Todd, her thurd husband. Their marriage ended with his tragic death in an airplane crash in 1958.

He gifted Elizabeth one of her favourite items, the Cartier ruby suite, consisting of a tiara, necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Writing about the moment he gave the gift to her, Elizabeth wrote: “I got out and put my arms around him, and he said, ‘Wait a minute, don’t joggle your tiara.’ Because I was wearing the tiara he had bought for me in the pool!

“He was holding a red leather box, and inside was a ruby-and-diamond bib necklace, which glittered in the warm light. It was like the sun, lit up and made of red fire.

“First Mike put it around my neck and smiled. Then he bent down and put matching earrings on me. Next came the bracelet.

“Since there was no mirror around, I had to look into the water. The jewelry was glorious, rippling red on blue like a painting. I shrieked with joy, put my arms around Mike’s neck, and pulled him into the pool after me. It was a perfect summer day and a day of perfect love.”


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