Pensioners could be missing out on a boost of up to £358 per month – could you claim?

Attendance Allowance may be underclaimed as some believe they will need formal care support in order to be eligible for the sum. This, however, could not be further from the truth. Britons do not actually have to have someone caring for them in order to claim. But those that do could get Carer’s Allowance if they have substantial needs.

Attendance Allowance is available to those who have reached state pension age, where the following apply:

  • A person has a physical disability, including sensory disability, a mental disability, including learning difficulties, or both
  • Their condition is severe enough for them to need help caring for themselves, or for someone to supervise them in order to ensure their safety
  • A person has needed that help for at least a six month period, unless they are terminally ill

People must also be in Great Britain when they make a claim, although there are some exceptions, for example those who are members or family members of the armed forces. The individual must usually have been in Great Britain for at least two of the last three years, and be habitually resident in the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man or Channel Islands.

Those who are UK nationals who live in, or later move to, the European Union, European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland may also be able to apply for Attendance Allowance. However, they are advised to check with the DWP on this matter to avoid being disappointed.

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