Five out of five: Westvold Hansen wins in Villach

Gyda Westvold Hansen is also the winner of the final Summer Grand Prix competition in Villach/Austria and perfected her result with five victories in five competitons.

The Norwegian already showed the furthest jump of the day with 96.5 meters and reached a total of 116.5 points during the Ski Jumping round. Therefore she was the first one to go into the 5km course this afternoon once more. 

Annika Sieff (116 pts) reached the same strong distance as Hansen with 96.5 meters on the HS98 and was starting only 2 seconds after the owner of the yellow BIB into the roller ski race.

Austrian Annalena Slamik, who wears the blue BIB as Best Jumper, reached 96 meters and 115 points on rank three. She went into the course with a 6 second backlog on the leader from Norway.

With a jump of 93.5 meters (112.8 pts) Jenny Nowak took the 4th rank after the Ski Jumping round and started into the roller ski race 15 seconds after Hansen. 

After 2.5 km the Norwegian already expended her lead to 18.6 seconds ahead of the Sieff (+22.4 sec), who teamed up with Nowak (+40.1 sec) during the race. Ema Volavsek (+24.9 sec) from Slovenia was 32 seconds behind at that time but increased her performance on the last lap, overtaking Nowak and Slamik. 

With the fastest race time of the day, the Slovenian, who placd 7th after Ski Jumping took rank three 

The current fastes skier, Marie Nähring (+1:23 min) from Germany, placed 10th after Ski Jumping, with a 1:39 minute backlog on Hansen and came in 9th in the end.

With her strong performance and 500 points Gyda Westvold Hansen is the Overall winner of the FIS Summer Grand Prix Women 2021, 2. Place goes to Ema Volavsek (284 pts) from Slovenia, ahead of Lisa Hirner on rank three with 240 points. 

Results: IG Women HS98/5km – 5.9.21 Villach
Overall Result: SGP Women 2021


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