Classic cars: Over 170 vehicles set for auction as mystery owner could fetch £1million

A car enthusiast revealed that 174 dust-covered vintage cars would be auctioned off, with some of the vehicles dating back to the 1940s. The stunning collection of vehicles, which could be worth more than £1million, has grown gradually at the site on a business park in Tottenham have been amassed by a mystery businessman.

The most expensive car in the collection is a 1960 MG MGA red sports car, which is expected to fetch around £25,000.

Others with high guide prices include a 1975 Mercedes 350SL for £18,000, and a 1989 BMW 635CSI for £16,000.

Five other cars are expected to cost more than £15,000, including a 1973 Porsche 911, a 1983 Mercedes 280SL and a 1981 380SL.

The auction is taking place because the local council needed the 45,000 square foot warehouse back in order to redevelop the area.

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“Trying to find a new home for an indoor space in London for that size is not going to happen – times have changed in 10 years.

“Each is an individual negotiation, each an individual journey from wherever it’s from in the country to collect, drive back and park back.

“What it has meant is we’ve got this fantastically beautiful visual of old cars covered in dust and bird poo.

“It’s rather romantic really.”

An Instagram account, London Barn Finds, was set up to document the cars and show them off the public before auction.

The haul seems to have every type of car an enthusiast could imagine, with the warehouse packed with countless car makes, from Mercedes to BMW and from Morris Minor to Land Rover.

The warehouse was temporarily opened to the public last week with a message on Instagram reading: “Thanks to everyone who came to the open day, we appreciate it was last minute but we had to manage it that way for reasons relating to the owner.

“We are currently looking at the bids received from Monday’s viewing and will be contacting people who offered in due course.

“The next step will be eBay for the cars that haven’t sold and you’ll be able to find more information about each car there.

“Please keep your eyes peeled for UK listings with ‘barn find’ in the title if you’re looking to bid on any of the items seen in this collection.

“We will also be keeping you updated here and sharing more detailed information on some of the listings here so stay tuned.”

The account, which has surpassed 35,000 followers in just over two weeks, has been frequently posting pictures of the cars, as well as documents and tax discs.

Some of the discs date back to the 1980s, with London Barn Finds planning on releasing more information soon.


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