Household items that could earn you a fortune – including Monopoly board worth £2,500

Home expert Richard Petrie from Thomas Sanderson used eBay data and research to compile a list of the highest-selling items that people should be looking for if they want to make a quick thousand pounds. Here are some of the top items, from musical instruments to board games, and most don’t even have to be special edition or vintage to fetch a hefty sum.

Board games

Board games are often hidden away in a dark cupboard in many family homes, only seeing the light of day during family events or date nights.

Monopoly is arguably one of the most well-known board games, and the real estate orientated theme has gone through multiple redesigns and has created some of the most thematic special editions in the gaming industry.

The Harrods edition features the prestigious department store and offering properties within Harrods, like the fine jewellery and the Egyptian hall.

First released in 2013, this edition sells between £299,95 and £2,500.

Alongside this is the Swarovski Anniversary edition, which could see owners of this particular board getting between £857 and £1,153.


The Harry Potter book series is incredibly popular, to the extent that it’s quite likely that any home in the UK has at least one book from the series.

However, when it was first released only a few thousand hardback editions of Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone were in circulation in 1997.

This edition is relatively rare, although it may not look like it on face value, any lucky owner could sell the hardback for up to £800.



On average, people have between 12 and 27 pairs of shoes at any given time.

While this is often far more than any person actually wears, it is beneficial to check for any vintage shoes as these often collect a healthy sum on the reseller market.

Specifically, the 2002 Nike Dunk Low SB trainers are some of the most sort after Nike trainers on eBay.

A single pair of these trainers can earn £3,422.

Musical instruments

Many people either inherit or buy musical instruments before even learning to play them, which sees them turn into dust collectors or fancy decorations.

However, vintage violins can fetch between £107 and £5,400 depending on their make and model.

Guitars are also in high demand with a 1968 Gibson EBS-1250 double neck guitar currently on eBay for an astounding £41,883.  


Many avid gamers today started with the original Gameboys, any of which from 1989 can sell for up to £1,442 on eBay.

And for the younger generation of video game fanatics, some games from the PlayStation 1 era can be worth £2,500 despite not having any use as gaming hardware evolved.


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