‘Chaos’ predicted on UK roads if e-scooter trials continue in our cities

Concerns about the safety of e-scooters are mounting after several reports of accidents and anti-social behaviour. Currently, many cities across the UK, including Bristol, are hosting rental schemes with views to the permanent usage of electric scooters.

But if these are given the green light, it is feared “serious problems” will be encountered on our roads. 

Recent research from dashcam company Nextbase suggests e-scooters will be involved in up to 200,000 accidents in the UK by the end of this year, reports Bristol Live.

In a motion tabled ahead of a full council meeting today, Lesley Alexander, Bristol City Councillor for the ward of Frome Vale, said: “[Bristol City] Council is conscious of increasing complaints around road and pedestrian safety, an apparent lack of policing or enforcement, silent scooters being ridden on pavements to create new hazards and nuisance as well as clutter where motors are simply discarded in a haphazard fashion.

“In addition, doubts remain over whether e-scooters are as good for the environment as proponents claim or that this kind of ‘active’ travel is really something that should be encouraged.

“An entirely unregulated, free-for-all system would be a recipe for chaos on our roads and pavements.”

The Conservative councillor’s motion is unlikely to be debated, it is said.


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