‘It’s awful’ Simon Calder issues warning for those returning to UK

“However, what we saw over the weekend was here at Heathrow, an awful lot of families coming into the country and of course, the end of the summer holidays and many of them returning and that’s why we saw these extreme scenes of very long queues, four to five hours, pregnant women fainting, all kinds of medical emergencies. 

“If you were stuck there, it was awful, if you weren’t you may well be thinking ‘I certainly don’t want to take a holiday’. 

“But it seems to be simply lots of under 12’s, they can’t use the e-gate, as a result of that everything started snarling up and basically, the border force, for the first time, said these queues were unacceptable,” Simon added. 

Kay wondered: “Indeed so. And I suppose, the big question for my viewers this morning Simon, when’s this going to get better? 


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