Top jobs paying up to £170,000 without falling into student debt

While some choose to view it as detrimental that a Bachelors’ Degree won’t guarantee work, there is also the other side of the spectrum, which sees these high paying jobs requiring little to no tertiary education.

Air traffic controller

Annual median salary: £52,400

Air Traffic Controllers, or ATCs, direct aircraft safely on their flight paths in a specific sector of airspace, usually a section of the airspace surrounding the airport they are located at. They communicate with the pilots of multiple planes as well as people on the ground to ensure that any collisions are avoided as much as possible.

A crucial and seemingly straightforward job, this position is not for those that can’t deal with stress and responsibility, namely the lives of all the people on board the plane they are talking to, one of the biggest reasons behind the large paycheque.  

However, because this work is so specialised ATCs mainly rely on on-the-job training and most have never been to college as it only requires five GCSEs to start in this career field.


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