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Dog storms Premier League football match and puts players to shame

A mischievous dog gate-crashed a football match in the Bosnian Premier League when it ran onto the pitch, took control of the ball and dribbled it across the grass, much to the amusement of spectators and players.

The game between Sloboda Tuzla and Posusje was ground to a halt as the playful pooch chased the ball, now fans are calling for the team to give him a contract.

Luckily, Sloboda were able to see the funny side and shared the brilliant clip on its Twitter account.

The caption said: “We have had a lot of requests for comment. We can officially confirm, that regardless of impressive dribbling skills, Dognaldo will not be offered a contract due to legal issues and unreasonable demands from his representatives. We wish him all the best.”

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Matt Field, the British Ambassador in Bosnia, even chimed in saying that the dog had “skills” alongside the hashtag #Dognaldo.

Another cheeky user said: “This dog done more dribbles this season than a certain friend of ours in Manchester.”


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