Today’s letters: Travel to China may be hazardous to your health

Tuesday, Sept. 28: Lessons from the imprisonment of the ‘Two Michaels.’ You can write to us too, at letters@ottawacitizen.com

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Think hard before you travel to China

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Two Canadians were used as pawns in a tug-of-war between the United States and China. It should give pause to Canadians who are thinking about travelling to China.

The Canadian government seems to be on side with more Canadians travelling to China for the Winter Olympics. The government should think very carefully about supporting more Canadians putting themselves at risk by going there. We have little to no power to influence Chinese policy, but perhaps we can use the leverage of the Olympics to make a point?

David Polk, Blackburn Hamlet

Do we need Huawei ads at the airport?

Thank goodness the two Michaels are now home. I sincerely hope that they were not coming back via the Ottawa airport, because if they did, they would be assaulted by the “wall of Huawei” that fills one whole wall of the arrivals area of the airport beside the baggage carousels.

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I found it offensive in the extreme when I recently arrived in Ottawa, and can’t imagine what it would mean to them or their families, to see this thinly veiled propaganda in the guise of advertising. Can’t we finally get rid of it?

Jane Lindsay, Kitchener

Score another one for hostage diplomacy

The real winner as the two Michaels return to Canadian soil is not the Canadian government, which worked tirelessly for their release; nor the American government, which started this mess in the first place but also helped to end it; nor even Meng Wanzhou, who was away from her family (albeit living in luxury) for three years.

Rather, the victor is China, which has successfully altered and re-written the diplomatic rules to the point where now the final step in diplomacy is not conflict or war, it is hostage diplomacy. And it will happen again.

Douglas Cornish, Ottawa


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