Updates from the Autumn Sub-Committee meeting for the Alpine World Cup

On Thursday 30th September, the members of the sub-committee for the Alpine World Cup met for an online meeting to discuss certain points and proposals for the upcoming and future seasons of alpine events.

2021/2021 Calendar
For the majority of the events taking place in the 2021/2022 season have remained the same, the Men’s Slalom in Zagreb, Croatia has moved from the 6th January to the 5th January. Nonetheless, the principle of both genders having 18 speed and 18 “tech” races with two Parallel events remains the same.

Women’s 2021/22 Calendar Proposal (still to be approved)
Men’s 2021/22 Calendar Proposal (still to be approved)

Sölden, Austria, is scheduled to welcome the opening of the 2021/22 Audi FIS World Cup by hosting both the Women’s and Men’s Giant Slalom on the 23rd and 24th October. Additionally, we will see races taking place in North America on both the women’s and men’s tour. The women’s tech events are scheduled to take place in Killington, USA, and the women’s speed events taking place in Lake Louise, Canada. The men’s tour is also scheduled to head to Lake Louise and Beaver Creek, USA for the speed events.

Meribel-Courchevel are scheduled to host the World Cup Finals but not before athletes travel to take part in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games taking place in Beijing, China, between 3rd and 20th of February.

The final site inspection of the Meribel-Courchevel course has taken place. We can confirm that all of the major work has been completed, which is great news before the French resort hosts the World Cup Finals at the end of the 2021/22 season.

Rules seasons 2021/2022
Several rules were put forward during the sub-committee meeting regarding the 2021/2022 season;

Extension for one year of the 2019 ANC winners
Due to the on-going Covid-19 situation, government controls and closed borders between Australia and New Zealand for the entire winter season, the 2021 ANC series was cancelled. It was therefore proposed that the 2019 ANC series winners would have their titles, points and entitlements for athletes would be extended again for the 2021/22 Northern Hemisphere season. The proposition was approved.

Alpine Combined Quota calculation (only valid for the season 2021/2022)
The proposition that for the season 2021/2022, the nation’s higher quota, WCSL 2019/20 or WCSL 2021/22 would be valid. The sub-committee approved the rule change.

Best FIS points ranked competitors as 2022 SAV winners
Similar to the situation that occurred in Australia and New Zealand, the SAC subcommittee proposed to give the rights for the winners of the SAC to the best South American athletes ranked in the 7th FIS points list in the corresponding disciplines.

Starting order for speed disciplines
As decided in the meetings in May, a working group was established to form one proposal. The working group was made up of representatives from Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Through a questionnaire, which was sent to a variety of stakeholders, the working group was to gather a better understanding regarding the interest in the proposal and further understand the different interested groups. They have put forward the proposal to the chair of the committee who will review the inputs of the partners and stakeholders.

Higher quota for Parallel events
For each event a national quota is calculated periodically according to the World Cup Starting Lists (WCSL). The periods are adapted to the respective calendar planning and fixed before the start of the competition season. The proposed rule was to provide provisional starting lists instead of the quota of the WCSL and PWSL, which was approved by the sub-committee.


All proposal/decisions are subject for approval by the FIS council for the final decisions.


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